Please vote for me and em.en.o !

Another journey for me and my partner, our business, emeno, has gotten into top 100 for Indonesia Womenpreneur Competition held by! HIP HIP HURRAAAAY!

Now, for the hard part, to go to the next step, big 30 semifinalists, we have to get voting as many as we can.


So, we will really appreciate it if you spare your 3-minute free time, and jump on here,ย ย and vote me, so I can continue to the next step :).

The stepsย are really simple:

1. click this link
2. click ‘vote for this contestant’
3. connect FB
4. connect twitter
5. Vote it every day untill July 2nd ๐Ÿ˜€

For those of you who don’t have twitter account, no worry, you still can participating. After click ‘connect to FB’, try to refresh the link, and the number of voting will be increasing. FYI, as I mentioned above, you can give your vote once a day. So do not hesitate to vote every day, lah yaaa (singlish mode on XD)

thank you for your help, and wish me luck!



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