Welcome Home, Little Sister :)

My little sister (well, even though she’s not little anymore, she’s still younger than me πŸ˜‰ finally came home after her 345 exchange days to United States.

The funny thing, do you know how does it feel after you have your long flight and journey, you entered the exit gate, and found your family, there, waving at you? I know how that felt. So does my family. So that was our planning, went to airport, cherish our youngest member of Setyo of Five from her journey.

That plan was easy, right? You just have to come, and wait at the arrival gate, approx 30 minutes from the schedule.

But what happen when the one-you-are-waiting-for came one hour early???

Yeah, that’s what happen with my sister, Izzati.

From my sister’s itinerary,it stated that her plane from Singapore to jakarta will arrive at 07.30.

One car from Karawang and another car from Jakarta, We’re driving from 2 different places, but will arrive at the same place, Soekarno- Hatta airport around 7-ish. we’ve managed everything.Β My mom even made a big poster with my little sister’s name on it, to welcome her.

We’re good…

Until Karawang’s team, who arrived earlier, Β ‘found out’ there was a teenager with-lots-of-belonging-waiting-for-somebody-and-wondering-why-nobody’s-pick-me-up, waiting outside the airport.

My sister arrived one hour earlier!

Yeah. that just meant our plan to surprise her totally failed. Hahahahaha

Full team again πŸ™‚

Plan might failed, but we’re thrilled and happy to have her back.

Welcome home, Izzati!


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