Craft- Sewing Room

I’ve been looking for sewing room inspiration recently. Kalau punya crafty/sewing room kayak gini, kayaknya si bunda bisa deh lebih produktif berkarya *banyak alasan*

Image taken from here

everything has its own place. *ouch, I see a serger.*My sewing room’s dream will have a serger and sewing machine in one room.period. *berdoa kenceng*

image taken from here

I loooveee the lighting on the supply rack. Will just boost my mood *and electricity bill, i guess :D* Sewing machine placed near the computer such a great idea.

image taken from here

A little bit ‘messy’, but this is what I love. It showed that we’re ‘using’ it. I dont really like place who is too organized-too tidy-everything is under the right ‘position’.

well, right now, My wish list is:

image taken from here

Tree-thread-rack! Isnt it cool?

Ayaaah, I want one. Can you make it for me, please?*winkwink*


3 thoughts on “Craft- Sewing Room

    • ninaberkarya says:

      wow. dikomen oleh nyanya-nya the baby birds.mimpiii
      ayo, ayo, nya, bikin satu, trus jual di familymattersco, trus ntar aku beli ๐Ÿ˜€ *ga mau susah
      anyway, thanks for stopping by! salam kenal jugaa

  1. WOOOOWWW!! Ini gambaran workshopnya Emeno ya? pasti majalah, tivi pada betah ngeliputnya .. hwhhehehe ngarep! ๐Ÿ˜€ didoain Buns, supaya punya kaya gini.. iiih betah banget liatnya.. kalo kaya gini saya juga mau jahit ah.. *salahfokus ๐Ÿ˜€

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