40 Week Plus 2 days

The belly’s age now turned 40week..plus 2 days. Bebey still enjoying her place in her mom’s belly, while her Mom and Dad start to wondering, when actually she is going to meet her parents in this real world.

Still Happy

Still having round belly πŸ˜‰

This weekend we had a companion. A great friend, Dika, visited us from Delft. His main reason visited us actually to see Bebey.Well, unfortunately it wasn’t happen, because Bebey still in my belly.haha. But I think he still had a lot of fun in Gent. Hendra took him to walk around and see a small part of the city, while I preferred stayed at home. Walking wasn’t something I liked at the time because I was too lazy tired πŸ˜€

A Good friend of us visited from Delft

At station, while waiting for the train

Hope you have a great time, uncle Dika!


One thought on “40 Week Plus 2 days

  1. aah… the bebey is enjoying to stay in her mom’s belly. Enjoy the time, honey..selama bebey sehat wal’afiat dan masih dalam kontrol dokter πŸ™‚
    rajin dzikir dan jalan yah…spy persalinannya nanti lancar… ditunggu kabar slanjutnya πŸ˜‰

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