Curtain Project

Bebey is almost here! Less than a month, and we’re really excited..Baby is coming to town 😉


Since we have one extra small bedroom in our apartment, we decided to put Bebey’s stuffs there. From changing station, clothes drawer, stroller, car seat, and of course, Baba ;). We spent our new year’s holiday working in the room. Put things in the right position (we have one dining table made from wood, and we decided to change the function into changin station :P–>so we bring it from the dining room to Bebey’s room, of course), placed wall stickers I bought from Ikea and Book fair a while ago, etc. Not to forget, while we worked, we loved to  pretend that Bebey is around house already ^^.

But hey! The curtains color isn’t right for us! We have really bright color from the wall stickers, chair, Baba’s skin hair, drawers, containers, etc, which made us felt really happy all the time. The curtain’s greyish color just ruined everything.

Old Curtain

Since in my opinion, imagination, experience, making curtain isn’t that hard and wasting time, I decided to make a new curtain for this room. I went to Ikea, browsing fabrics that fit into everything. I found this. Cost 6.99 euro for 120x 300cm. Our window’s size around 100 x 160 cm, so the size of the fabric is just (almost) right ^^

The Lucky Fabric 😉

ince I didn’t want to waste any fabric (if I cut by 157 cm, I couldn’t use the other 143 cm), I cut the length of the fabric into 2 pieces even, made it 150cm. It’s shorter than the windows, that’s why I add another fabric from my inventory. I thought green will be great, but I didn’t have it. And I’m just too lazy to go outside again, and find the perfect color. So I picked red instead. Still match though. I cut 2 pieces, with 20 cm long. Started the project at 7 pm, and finished around 11 pm the same night ( when there’s a will, there is a way!). Well, it’s only straight stitch, so really fast and easy 😛

I asked my husband to put the curtain on the next day

The Curtainer

This is the result

The Result

Tadaaaa….! If you can’t notice, the additional red fabric is on the top of the curtain.

Now the room is just perfect. I like it the way it turns out.

Do you like it, too?


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