Are you Chinese?

Today, I with my husband went to a small cloth store located in Centrum. the place is owned by a middle-age lady who told us that she came from China (and we didn’t doubt that at all since at the beginning we met her, she looked like chinese lady–white skin, slanted eyes, black-straight hair πŸ˜€ ). Then, such a weirdo conversation begun between my husband and her (since I’m too busy trying clothes πŸ˜› )

Lady (L):”Where are you coming from?”

Husband (H): “Indonesia”

L: “Are you Chinese?”….IΒ heard this question, and I just laughed in my mind.

H: “HEH?”

Are you sure you're not Chinese, honey?:D

OMG, my husband has a dark skin, big eyes, pointed nose–really Indonesian/ Malay face. Which side could make him look such a Chinese???


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