what I’ve seen in Indonesia market now, a lot of creative industries make something based on ‘couple’ thing.  Mention it, mugs, necklaces, and clothes. The industries make it for fun yet creative. For the last item, I think that couple-cloth just great (and beneficial, too! If we want to buy this thing, we have to buy 2 pieces together. Hahaha). Since a lot of couple getting married, this item is an interest thing to give as a present.

when I got married 5 months ago, I (with my husband, of course) got it, too!

tulisannya di tengahnya: 'Just Married'...for 5 months 😉

thanx to geng ‘Siaware 14’ for the custom-couple-cloth :). they made it with hand, put my and my husband’s name on each shirt, and makes our day just fabulous!


2 thoughts on “Couple-Shirt

    • ninaberkarya says:

      Yoi kiii…dan tau ga, sampai sekarang tu baju belon dicuci dong. gw bingung nyucinya gimana. rusak ga ya kalo masuk mesin cuci? Luntur ga ya bu?

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