Mau ngapain ntar?

LOTS of people  ask me what will I do in Belgium next after I arrive.( I mean it, i think everyone ask me this question!).

well, honestly, I don’t know the specific answer yet. i told them I could go to school again, or go to work, or maybe earn some money from home like her. there are no reasons i couldn’t do it, since I’m a textile designer! and hey, I have my sewing machine ready packed there. so, what to worried about?

so my husband, don’t you worry, I have lots to do while you’re gone (not to mention window shopping :DD)


2 thoughts on “Mau ngapain ntar?

  1. isn’t that novita estiti? wow, i LOVE her! i mean, i know that she’s an atheist, tried to commit suicide several times, and wrote the gloomiest book ever, but isn’t she like the coolest person on earth? ^^

    • ninaberkarya says:

      yoi disss…i got inspired because of her works in’s awesome. and also inspired me a lot in the future when i have nothing to do but sewing ^^

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